Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mother of the Flower Girl...and the Ring Bearer

My brother-in-law is getting married on Saturday!

I love, love, love weddings because it's all so positive! Every newlywed exudes so much happiness and hope, and of course, love.

I'm especially excited about my kids' participation as members of the bridal entourage. My four year old son will be the ring bearer while my almost-seven-month-old daughter will be flower girl.

I've had a dress custom made for the occasion. Since I'm nursing and my daughter absolutely refuses the bottle whenever I'm within hearing and smelling distance, I've decided that a nursing dress (a dress with hidden openings/flaps to accommodate nursing) would be the way to go. I had one custom made as I wanted a dress formal enough. Of course, I have prepared myself to carry my daughter during her "march". I found matching shoes with 2 inch heels which seemed formal enough yet not too high (no 3 inch stilettos for me, not even if it were Christian Louboutin) and comfortable enough for me to wear and not worry about falling flat on my face.

My son had become a bearer twice before, the first time when he was barely three and the second time when he was around three already. He walked alone the second time (although he turned around at the last minute, LOL) so I'm sure he could handle the "march". His daddy will guide him. I'm sure the little boy will look very nice in his barong. :)