Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tsinay On The Net

If you had told my grandfather that I would be having a sideline of sorts online, he would have shaken his head in disbelief. Come to think of it, my dad might have a similar reaction. Of course, personal computers weren't around during my grandfather's time. Heck, he used the abacus for complex mathematical equations! (I wished I listened more when he was attempting to teach me how to use it.)

As for my dad, he did attempt to modernize his office by having desktop computers and printers. He didn't really learn how to use the internet though, even if we did get a dial up connection then. Of course, internet then was much slower, although at the time we were already quite ahead in the game. We could afford to sacrifice one phone line at home since we had more than one phone. However, business correspondence via email was not a usual practice then. Email was limited to personal mail. Business contacts were established via phone calls and fax.

That's why things like online stores, blogs, web directory and social networking, while common and widespread today, would virtually be unknown back then.

The internet has truly changed the world in a major way.