Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Career

My husband are I were talking about how it's sometimes so exhausting and so stressful to be doctors. While we love what we do, sometimes it's so frustrating! You get to see cases where there's practically nothing else to do. And, despite what most people think, we don't really earn as much as what everybody else expects, that on top of overhead. Of course, there are the good things -- patients getting better, an operation gone well, patients respecting you because you took good care of them -- and in most cases these do compensate for those times when the frustrations just take over.

But, we're looking into alternative careers in addition to our profession. We're aware that being doctors mean that we make a living out of our "presence". If we do not go to work today, not only don't we earn, we even lose out because we still have to pay for overhead. Take last week. My daughter had to be hospitalized and I had to stay with her. No clinics for me = No earnings. Plus we have to worry about paying the hospital bill. No paid vacations for us. But as we love our professions, we're looking into businesses and/or additional careers that we can do IN ADDITION to being doctors.

For example, I actually earn a little bit from my writing and blogging. I'm excited because I got a freelance writing job. I'm telling my husband that he could also try it out. He's interested, but he says he simply does not know what he can write about. I pointed out that he has interests and knowledge in fields that I don't, for example, cars. He could perhaps write about cars, maybe get a job reviewing cars later on, give readers info on where to get hard-to-get Ferrari parts and where to get a good mechanic, that sort of thing. I don't know, it feels like something that could be right up his alley. This he could he on his non clinic hours. He's thinking about it. I hope he'll do it! :)