Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010

Today is Chinese New Year!

Every year, we celebrate Chinese New Year's Eve with dinner at my grandma's house. This year was no exception. It's a potluck dinner and everybody was supposed to bring a dish. The food was plentiful -- which is ideal for a Chinese New Year's celebration. There was gumbo, sotanghon (there's got to be noodles!), pata tim (braised pork), vegetable pie (a really large one!), fried chicken, a huge paella, shrimp salad, cheesecake and another cake (calamansi something -- sorry forgot the real name). All that made everybody forget about the need to look for a top diet pill the next day. LOL. Nobody remembered to take pictures too! Boo. And it's my daughter's first Chinese New Year too. :(

Of course, Chinese New Year's Eve would not be complete without the elders handing out ang pao's (red envelopes with money inside) for the children and unmarried adults. Yey for my son and daughter.

Later, we're going to the temple. We're supposed to wear new clothes, preferably red, to celebrate the New Year.

Here's hoping that we will have a prosperous Year of the Tiger ahead of us!