Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thank God For Grandmas!

I am a working mom and a multitasker -- I'm a doctor with an active practice, a blogger, a part time student, a microentrepreneur and a lot more. I owe it to the fact that I have a great support system. My husband is supportive of my efforts. I have nannies for my kids who take care of their needs when I need to do something.

But nannies are still not family. When both my husband and I need to be out, it's my mom who takes care of supervising my kids. Yes, the nannies do most of the actual work -- diaper changing, feeding etc. because I don't want mom having to do all the grunt work -- when hubby and I are not around, but it's my mom who watches over them -- the kids and the nannies. This is where the trust factor comes in. While mom and I might not agree on everything, she is probably the person I'd trust the most when it comes to taking care of my kids. Especially now that I have some issues with the nannies (good thing I didn't break out in stress or I'd have to look for the best acne face wash, which I don't have the time to do just now, with all the things piling up on my to-do list...).

So, yeah, I'd have to thank my mom for being there for me. And I'd echo what she tells my brother and sister-in-law, that is to have kids now when she still has the energy to help take care of them!

Looking back, that's what happened when we were small. My mom was also a working mother, and the fact that she has complete confidence in leaving us at home when she worked or had to go abroad was in no small measure due to the fact that her mother (my grandmother) was around when she couldn't be.

Will I be able to do the same -- take care of my grandkids -- when the time comes? I certainly hope so.