Saturday, March 13, 2010

Golden Investment For The Golden Years

We're at that point in our career when we really have to think of not only securing our children's education, but also setting aside something for when we grow old and retire. Of course, we know that retirement means that we no longer earn actively BUT we still continue to spend. Some things, like healthcare, may even be more of an issue at around this time.

However, we are admittedly cautious. We do not really have a lot of money to risk. And we cannot afford to lose any of our extra money either. If there's anything that the past few years of life has taught us, it's that you have to be ready for emergencies and you should have an investment that's easy to liquidate so that when you need the cash, you can easily sell it.

In that case, real estate is not a good choice if we're talking about easy liquidity, although it IS a good investment for long term.

My granddad, grandma and dad had great faith in gold. And I can see why. Gold's value is pretty stable so if you buy gold bars, there's a very good chance that prices will increase over time. And even if prices do fluctuate, it won't really become totally worthless like some stocks would if companies go bankrupt. Gold will always be considered valuable, which makes it worthwhile to invest in.