Sunday, March 28, 2010

Living Arrangements For Kids

When we were still living in our first home way, way back, we lived in an old style apartment complex built by my grandparents for their sons. There was a big terrace between around and between the units. Very 1950's to 1960's. Of course, my mom's "garden" was a just collection of potted plants on the terrace. Anyway, for a feel of a real garden, we just had to go next door to my grandparent's house, as they had a lawn, fruit trees, a fishpond, outdoor d├ęcor, and the works.

Now I realize how lucky we are. Our apartment may not be as large as the house we are living in right now, but it was rent free and much larger than the condos that are on the market right now. I somehow wish that my parents had something like that for us, but of course times are different, property values have skyrocketed since my grandparents' time, and there are much less and much smaller lots for sale at a much higher price.

I do wish my husband and I could somehow invest in properties that we could bequeath to our kids so that they won't find it difficult to have a place to house their families. Oh well, here's hoping....