Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mulan meets Ronald

I'm thinking of a Mulan theme for my daughter's first birthday. I like Mulan because she is not the typical damsel-in-distress who needs a prince to rescue her as is the case for most Disney females. She is a strong female character who goes to war not because she has blood lust or wants to be a man but because she loves her father so much that she simply does not want him exposed to the perils of war but instead takes his place.

I've been thinking about the details of the party. I'm thinking of dressing my baby in a Chinese costume, a cheongsam maybe, just because it's the easiest to find, although it's not in the same time period as Mulan. I'm thinking of giveaways, and in the course of looking, I found an online friend who makes cute paper shoes. I'm thinking maybe it would be a good idea to give those away, maybe an embroidered shoe design for girls and boots for boys. I'm not certain yet. Or maybe a fan? I'm leaning more towards the shoes simply because it's more unique.

I'm also thinking of asking the kids to come in Chinese costumes and giving away a special prize to the best in costume. Hmmm.

The catch is...I'm doing this in McDonald's so it's NOT gonna be Chinese food and a non-Chinese mascot is going to show up! Hahaha!