Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby gifts

In the parenting forum which I'm a part of and even among my acquaintances, I've come to learn that baby showers are now commonplace. I never had one. It's not a tradition for us Tsinoys, and I know it's not for Pinoys either. It's like the bridal shower, I suppose, something that's Western that's being adopted mostly by the younger generation. Now it's a complete event, with baby shower invitations, food, games and a theme. Guests come bearing gifts for baby or mommy or both. Mommy can register for a gift registry. Some even have more than one shower -- maybe one with her relatives, one with her girlfriends, one with her office mates.

We simply told people that we were expecting. We got gifts, especially for my first born, after he was born. A lot of the gifts that I got were monetary gifts from my own (Tsinoy) family. I guess that is more of the Chinese way. I do not know if I got them because E was the first born or because I gave birth to a boy, because when I had my second born who happened to be a girl, I didn't receive as many as I did with my first. I'm not complaining, huh, just wondering. Some gifts came during the kids' baptisms, which I guess is more of Pinoy tradition.

One thing is for sure, it doesn't matter what nationality you are or what culture you belong to, a baby, especially if being brought to the world under favorable circumstances and with a loving family, is and will always be welcomed and thought of as a blessing and a gift.