Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Party Planning

My Baby's first birthday is less than 2 months away and I haven't done much yet in the way of party planning!

I've made a temporary reservation in McDonald's but I haven't paid the reservation fee yet. I will do so within the week.

I have decided on a Mulan theme to kinda reflect our heritage. Also, it's not a very common theme so it would somehow be unique. The problem with an uncommon them is that it's a bit more difficult to search for party favors and supplies.

I'm not sure yet what to give out as keepsakes. I do not want those backpacks anymore because I have lots of them around and I'm sure other kids also do, especially if they've been attending other kiddie parties. Maybe custom water bottles? They are practical too. Or some paper shoes I've found online from a fellow n@wie which I can fill up with candies. Maybe I can ask her to make Chinese inspired shoes.

I find that I'm not as OC as other moms, and, yes, I'm less OC now with my second-born compared to my firstborn. Or maybe the party planning mode has just not kicked in for me.