Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cheongsam for my little girl

I'm pretty excited about possibly finding a red cheongsam for my baby girl. I'm thinking of having a Mulan theme for her first birthday. Although the cheongsam does not fit the period, I'd rather get something a little practical, so since it's Chinese themed, it would have to do. Also, my ama's 90th birthday party is coming up, so she could use it there too.

I've always loved the Chinese theme and the color red. During my wedding, I had thought of a Chinese theme. I envisioned my attendants in cheongsams. But then I wanted them to get a design that fits their personality. My cousin chose a spaghetti strapped design. Oh well, I just changed it a bit to Chinese inspired. I didn't want my attendants to be unhappy about their clothes, so I let it go. I do not want to be one of those bridezillas who want to impose their will on everyone. And I guess I made the right decision, because while my entire wedding was not entirely the original way I envisioned it to be, I was happy about how it ended up.

It's pretty difficult to find a cheongsam that's small enough to fit my baby though. But I was able to find one online. And it's not that expensive too! (Don't you just love the internet, where you can search for everything, including lipozene reviews?) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my little girl will be the cutest little Chinese girl on her birthday party!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm looking for a dress for my niece - she's 2 months old. Can you share the site where you bought your baby's cheongsam? Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm looking for a cheongsam for my niece. Can I know which site you bought your baby's? Thanks! :)

theworkingmom said...

I found it here: :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! :)