Friday, May 7, 2010


Some things are the same wherever you go.

Gold is one thing. Despite the fact that China and Europe were far away, even in ancient times, gold is being universally acknowledged as a precious metal of great value. Only the very rich could buy gold bullions and get a lot of things in exchange for it. It was a medium of currency as well. The value of paper money was in terms of how much gold could be exchanged for it.

It is certainly no wonder that gold is still pretty much valued at the present time. People still invest in gold coins and gold bullions. Unless you're an expert, however, it can be pretty difficult to spot a genuine gold coin from a fake one. That's why it's important that your source is a reliable one. Study the company first before you give your money up. The United States gold bureau is a company that I've found online. It seems legitimate. Of course, it's best that you do your own research before you start investing though. But the company seems to have a good track record. This is important for reliability.

My father used to buy gold coins for us in Hong Kong. Banks had them. They are pretty legit sources of gold. I'm not so sure if the HK banks still sell those gold coins, however. They're a pretty easy investment, relatively liquid and easy to pass on without much hullabaloo.