Friday, June 4, 2010

Laptop conked out

What does it mean when the computer shows a blue screen, gives off a weird sound, and finally gives up?

That's what happened to me yesterday. I left my laptop running while I went down to greet the visitors -- my cousins and my brother's mother-in-law who came over to practice a little something for my grandma's upcoing grand birthday celebration. Prior to that, I was doing some work and surreptitiously doing some fat burner reviews. Nothing really unusual at all. My husband was the one who actually saw the screen become blue, and then weird sounds came from the computer, then it no longer booted up to the windows OS.

We are not quite sure what the problem is. I hope it's still something we can salvage. In the meantime, I am borrowing my husband's netbook to do some work.


Skye said...

I think you guys need to re-instal the OS. I'm not sure if you're saved data will be salvaged but it's better than getting a new laptop all together. Once you have the OS running again, I recommend you run a thorough system scan.

theworkingmom said...

Thanks for the comment. It's the hard drive, unfortunately. That was what was causing the system to do constant checking whenever we turn it on. Sigh.