Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Aging with grace

One of the great things that happened because of Ama's birthday celebration was that it brought the family closer together. My relatives from US and Canada all came over. It was a rare chance for a family pictorial, because we don't really get a lot of these moments when all the family is together.

You can see that my grandmother was positively delighted that all her four surviving children and 5 children-in-law are present, as well as most of her grandchildren (sadly 3 of the 15 were not able to make it). 4 of her 5 great grandchildren (which include my E and R) were also there. It was a sea of red (clothes).

My grandmother looked beautiful, she didn't look like a 90 year old but looks 20-30 years younger, more so that evening that's done especially to honor her. I don't know if she uses any anti aging face face creams but I know she still walks and does tai chi for exercise. Sadly, her eyesight is not good anymore because of age related macular degeneration but otherwise she's pretty healthy. She typifies the image I have in mind of growing old gracefully.