Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ama's 90th

We just had Grandma's grand 90th celebration. I still have to blog about the whole experience. Give me some time. June has been so full of happenings that I had hardly found time to put down everything that went on.

Grandma wanted the affair to be nice. With the right touch of elegance but not too much that people are stiff and formal. Hence, the invitation states "come as you are" instead of "formal", "semi formal" or some other strict dress code. Of course, the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren all dressed in red (which made a striking contrast against Ama's bright blue dress). Other relatives also came in red even if they were not required to, as a sign of respect for our family matriarch. However, if you are on the guest list, you can come in whatever you are comfortable in, no need to dress all out.

And since Ama is 90 and is at the age of leaving a legacy rather than receiving gifts (to be truthful, it's pretty difficult to find gifts for men and women at that age, don't you think?) There is a notation on the invitation saying "Please dispense with gift". I think most people appreciate that, but some people just want to give something, so there were still a few gifts.

More details later. On the whole, I think Ama enjoyed her day. :)