Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yesterday evening, we had yet another dinner at my grandma's house, since my cousin M happened to be in town. Another visitor, my aunt V's mom, also came to the Philippines. My other cousin Z also happened to be leaving early this morning with her husband and baby. So, it was a mixed bienvenida-despedida party.

Most of us were able to make it this time. The past 2 gatherings, my husband and I were not able to attend because of various circumstances. It's a good thing that the power already came back on in our village. It would have been less enjoyable if we had to grope around in the dark, not to mention that it was quite humid after the winds and the rains that came with typhoon Basyang.

My sister-in-law couldn't make it though. Her obstetrician ordered her to be on total best rest since Saturday because she suffered some spotting. She's ok so far with no further incident but she wanted to make sure everything's ok and wouldn't dare defy her OB's orders. Everybody understood. After all, an expectant mom would do everything to ensure that her baby's ok, take the best prenatal vitamins possible, do periodic check ups with the obstetrician, and yes, lie down all the time if that's the way to ensure the baby's well being.

Every baby is a new blessing, and I would like to believe that our family is now blessed with the coming of babies, almost one after the other. Can't wait for my kids to finally have playmates other than each other within the family.