Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ama and Lola

My son calls my mother "ama" and my mother-in-law "lola". They both mean "grandma" but ama is Chinese (Fukien to be exact) so my Chinese mom is ama and my Pinay mom-in-law naman is lola. To be more specific, my mom should have been "guama" because that means "maternal grandmother" while "ama" should have been "paternal grandmother". But since "ama" is easier to pronounce and my son doesn't use that with his paternal grandmother anyway, my mother claimed that title for herself. :)

My children enjoy their grandmas in different ways. Ama babysits them when daddy and mommy are away at work. Lola prepares the wooden swing set for them to play with when they visit. Ama teaches them to wash their hands and always be clean. Lola allows them to get dirty with play. Ama wants them in sleeved clothes when it's chilly while Lola wants them in sleeveless clothes when it's hot.

I am so glad my kids have grandmas to love them in the way that only grandmas can.


Unknown said...

Yep.. I can relate to this. I'm married to a Nanang and my kids call their Lola/Ama.

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