Monday, August 30, 2010

Good fortune!

My grandmother's 90th birthday featured an 8 layer Penk Ching fondant cake in red, the usual color for such celebrations. It had the Chinese character for (roughly translated) happy birthday on the sides. It was delicious too, a banana walnut flavor. Since P Noy was inaugurated on the same day as my grandma's grand birthday celebration and his cake was supposed to be the same flavor, we were kidding that the cake maker probably made both cakes as one batch.

What we kinda missed was the feature of chocolate gold coins on the cake, which is a usual feature of Ama's previous cakes. Obviously, it's a sign of good fortune and wealth, which is always a good thing to wish for (aside from good health and a peaceful life, of course). As kids, we used to look forward to such extra treats on the cakes. They are usually locally made chocolates, but the shiny gold covering made it seem even more delicious than it actually is.

While we still love the chocolate gold coins, as adults, we'd love to have more of the "real thing". LOL. Let's not be hypocrites here. Giving somebody a cake with gold coins and wishing them wealth and good fortune IS a good wish. Wealth in material things means having enough to eat/drink, a (nice, non-leaky) roof over our heads, clothes to protect us from the elements, etc etc. That's one of the main driving forces behind looking for a job, having a business and investing. Sure, you have to love your work or your business, but you'd want to invest too so that you still get money even if you slow down in actively earning.

That's why I'm actually looking at the gold coins in the US Gold Bureau, which looks like a reputable online site for people who would want to invest in gold. Having a good investment in never a bad idea, and investing in gold is a particularly good idea...a centuries old idea, in fact.