Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Healthcare here and there

My cousin's wife M is leaving for Canada in October, with her baby boy in tow. That's because she needs to fulfill residency requirements. Her baby is considered a Canadian citizen by virtue of being born there, so he technically does not need to go, but where mommy goes, he goes too!

M is planning to stay there until December or January. Since Canada has a great health system in place and she's considered a permanent resident, her and baby B's health care needs are more or less covered. If it were the USA rather than Canada, she might have to look into something like an NC short term health insurance, otherwise it would be expensive if any health care needs do arise.

I wish we had a better health care system in place here in the Philippines. Being in the medical field, I feel very frustrated that in order to get medical care, we need to shell out our own money. If you try looking into the government hospitals, you'd be frustrated too with the lack of facilities, medicines and even personnel.

Sigh. I hope the new Secretary of Health would be able to do something about this. I'd be happy if we have a health care system similar to that in Canada, but I do think it's wishful thinking.