Thursday, August 19, 2010

My dad's car

As a wedding gift to me, my mother gave me my Dad's Toyota Camry. It's a 1998 model, and it's still a beautiful car, despite the fact that it's quite old already. Its exterior is also quite strong. It has been hit by an armored car but is still quite intact except for minor damages (which reminds me -- we have to follow up on the other party's insurance). And it's big enough to seat the whole family comfortably.

But since it is already quite old, it's starting to show some problems due to the wear and tear of its parts. It's a good thing that unlike Ferrari parts, it's much easier to find Toyota parts here. The drawback is that the Camry is considered a luxury car and the prices of some of those parts are higher than the regular Altis.

I am realizing that having and maintaining a car is really quite expensive. But it's really more convenient, especially with kids.

Today, I'll be carless. I will ride the MRT and LRT to get to the clinic because my husband does not feel that my dad's car is in the right shape as yet.

I wonder when we can have our car finally repaired.