Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our family bed

When I was small, we used to sleep in cribs, then we had our own kiddie beds when we grew bigger. We get to sleep with Dad and Mom when we're not feeling well, so that they could monitor our condition. I thought that was the way of things, because everybody else did the same thing then, back in the seventies.

So when I got to visit my great grandmother in China back in the eighties, I was surprised that my aunt had only one bed for her and her two sons. Granted, her husband was not there -- he was here in the Philippines trying to earn enough for his family. But they told me that even if the father was there, they would also have the same sleeping arrangements.

It was years later, when I became a mom myself, that I learned that "co-sleeping" is something that is quite common among Asian families, and that using the crib is more of a Western thing that we have adopted.

We are actually doing it now. The four of us (hubby, me and my 2 kids) all sleep on two mattresses put side by side on the floor. We feel more bonded that way, we get to check on the kids when we feel like it, and we don't worry that one of them will fall.

Of course, it's an arrangement that won't work for everybody, but for us, it's working very well. We intend to continue with this until such time that our kids will ask for their own beds and their own rooms (and we get our own house!) Such time would come, and while my kids still prefer mommy and daddy, we'd love to be there for them.


Unknown said...

doc, seems like you will need a king size bed ;)

theworkingmom said...

Ay talaga! :)

Actually it's more than king sized. 2 39 inch width na kutson ang gamit namin :)