Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Breather please

While hubby and I feel that it would probably be a long long time before we get to enjoy a Royal Caribbean cruise, we do wish sometimes that we could get away for a while. I was kidding him that maybe we should check in at a hotel. But for what?

Last month, our clinic had a team building activity in Antipolo which we felt would be somehow a night away from kids and family, but it didn't turn out the way we wanted. The kids got sick. Initially, my mom refused to let me go especially since kids are sick but in the end we kinda got our way. However, we were so worried that we didn't fully enjoy the activities. We did, but I suspect we would have enjoyed them even more if only we weren't so worried.

Barangay elections will be on October 25 and we're thinking of going away, maybe Subic, for an overnight stay, since we are not planning on voting anyway (I know it's bad, but I really do not know any of the candidates so who am I supposed to vote for?). I hope it pushes through. A change of scenery would be really nice. And it would be a treat for the kids too.