Thursday, October 14, 2010

Choose a career, not a job

I always feel that we should really choose the college course that we really have the passion for. While looking for a practical (read: easily hired, high paying) course is something most students will be advised to do, the fact is that demands for the different occupations change throughout time.

A few years ago, IT Jobs were the in thing, and people who are in IT could be sure to get a good paying job. But with positions filled up, new graduates may find that finding a job is not as easy. Nurses were snapped up by foreign employers, and if you happen to be a nurse and a good one at that, there's a good chance that you would be hired by a foreign hospital with a great salary and benefits to boot. Now there's a decline in hiring, due to a lot of factors.

Now, if you chose those courses because you really like them, you would still be able to enjoy them, even if you didn't land a job as well paying as you thought you would. But if you find yourself stuck in a hiring downturn with a degree in something you didn't even like in the first place...I guess you get the picture.

So I always tell people, choose a course based on what you really really want. Don't just choose a course on the basis on what the job market is right now. Four years from now, the picture of the job market may be so vastly different.