Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My son got his report card for the first time

My son had his first ever report card. We got it last Friday. While we were quite nervous about the results, he actually did much better than we anticipated. Although his grades were not outstanding, I'm gratified that he actually passed all his subjects! His teacher also noted that he generally did a lot better this trimester compared to last trimester. And she's not just talking about academics, which we actually noticed since we also noted via the testpapers and worksheets that were returned.

More significantly, he is improving both socially and emotionally. He no longer roams around the classroom as often as he used to. He actually has friends. He's pretty excited about their outdoor play period, wherein they get to play with the slides, wood swing set and the rest of the playground equipment with his friends. He is also volunteering to recite in class, which he doesn't do before. I guess my little boy is maturing and finding a world beyond the home.

I'm so happy that he's happy with his school. Never mind that it was not my first choice (my main reason would be the lack of Chinese subjects but I've since learned that it's just a temporary thing). I guess my belief that life eventually places you where you have to be is true in this case.