Sunday, November 28, 2010

Eat all you can vegetarian feast at IBPS

Earlier, we had lunch at the Mabuhay IBPS Buddhist Temple in P. Ocampo St., Manila. The event: an eat-all-you-can vegetarian feast. All for only 300 pesos! The tickets were sold old days before, and my mom, who was one of the volunteers, had some difficulty is getting some for us.

So, was the price of the ticket worth it? Yes! There were about 60 different dishes served. It was a pity that I did not get to take pictures. The venue was spacious despite the number of people and the aircons were strong enough to ensure that the patrons were comfortable. Of course, my mom did say that the devotees and volunteers actually subsidized the cost of the food as some of the ingredients were quite expensive. Anyway, for IBPS, it was a way for them to introduce vegetarian dishes to the general public. Most people do not know that vegetarian dishes can be actually good tasting, even without any meat or seafood products and without some spices like garlic and onion which Buddhist devotees go without. Some even think that such a meal may serve as a colon cleansing detox. And of course, it shows the Buddhist principle of showing compassion to animals by refusing to kill them and eat them.