Sunday, November 7, 2010

A pension house in Hong Kong

The last time I went to Hong Kong was almost 6 years ago, during my honeymoon. It's funny, really, how we ended up honeymooning in Hong Kong when we had wanted to go to Bohol. We were able to book a flight but were not able to get a hotel. After our wedding, we still didn't have a place to honeymoon! It was a last minute decision. Since it was going to be my husband's first overseas trip, we had to get a passport for him ASAP. Good thing the rush processing at that time took only 3 days. But we experienced an unexpected delay while going to the Department of Foreign Affairs -- the car broke down. Sigh, more delays.

Anyway, when we got his passport and booked our tickets, we only had 3 days for the honeymoon! Not only was it last minute, it was also very short! We weren't able to book a hotel (for some reason, hotel bookings were different to come by during that time) but the travel agency handed me a business card of a pension house where we can stay in. I was able to call the owner/caretaker and had a room reserved for us. It was much cheaper than hotels, only HKD 250 per night, I believe. And located in Causeway Bay, which is a good location.

When we got off our plane, we rode the airport bus to the stop that the pension house owner/caretaker specified. We weren't sure how to get to the place so we called him up again. He got out and met us near the bus stop and led us to our home for the next 3 days.

It's actually a typical condominium building. Unlike here in the Philippines, there was no security guard or receptionist when you enter the building, just a caretaker who looks at everyone who enters then resumes looking at the monitor showing images of the different security cameras positioned all throughout the building. We rode the elevator and when we got off, we saw more security cameras along the hallway.

We were brought to one of the condo units. This was not a large unit, but it has 4 bedrooms. There is a small common area with a refrigerator, a telephone and a water dispenser. Of the 4 rooms, 3 are for rent, 1 is for the caretaker. We were given a room with a queen sized bed. It's not bad. All the amenities that I would be looking for are there: A/C, TV, a comfortable bed with clean sheets, bathroom with clean towels and basic toiletries, also hot and cold shower. It's smaller than the usual hotel room, but it serves its purpose of providing us a place to sleep. Anyway, we were out most of the time anyway. And it's near a grocery, food places, the MTR station and a bus stop. So convenient. Payment is in cash and in Hong Kong dollars. We paid just before we left for the airport.

It would have been ok for me to go there again if I go back to Hong Kong and if I could not find a hotel. Unfortunately, I gave the calling card to my brother and I think he already lost it sometime ago. It is not in most travel websites or mags because I think it's just a small time operation -- just 3 rooms for rent! But now I know that aside from hotels, there are other options for lodging in Hong Kong, especially if one is on a budget.