Saturday, November 13, 2010


Many older Chinese do not really know about social security benefits. My grandfather never collected his retirement benefits from SSS, even if he had contributed for several decades. I am not sure if my grandmother ever collected. I was told that she was entitled to get her benefits AND my grandfather's benefits as well...including interest. It would be substantial, since my grandmother is already 90, which means she has 25 (or 30 years, if you start counting from 60 years old) years of unclaimed retirement benefits. My grandfather passed away 9 years ago at 87, so that's 22 years of unclaimed retirement benefits, not to mention funeral claims and death claims, which my grandmother is entitled to. I don't know if my uncles have helped her with it. Maybe I should ask him.

Even my mom hasn't gotten around to claiming benefits for her own retirement AND my dad's death and funeral claims. I (or one of my brothers) should find time to accompany her to SSS so that she can process her papers. Sayang din yun. I hope it would not be difficult to file her claim. She also has to have her picture taken for her SSS ID since she doesn't have the credit card type ID yet. Hmmm, have to prioritize this.

As for me, I've used mine for my maternity benefits -- once for my H. mole, then when I gave birth to R. Sayang nga I wasn't able to claim when I gave birth to E, because I didn't know about SSS maternity benefits then and unfortunately my brother forgot to put in my contributions that's why I was no longer entitled by that time (grumble). Anyway it was a learning experience so I knew better the next time around.