Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My mom is more techie than me

My mom is more "techie" than me! She's also a recent convert to Apple. Her laptop is a Mac, she's using an iPhone and she now has an iPad, courtesy of my uncle!  She used to like buying digital cams (the point and shoot type only, her choice is Sony) but not lately.

Me?  I'm just a techie wannabe.  I'm still using my 4 year old Acer laptop. My Nokia N90 is already 5 years old, and my other phone is even older (I guess a snatcher wouldn't even notice it). I do not even have an ipod touch.  I'd love to have those other gadgets but the kuripot in me always whispers that I still have something that serves my purposes.  I mean, my laptop still works fine (okay, it's hard drive gave way a few months ago taking away some precious files and data recovery attempts are underway) and gets me through web surfing, data and word processing and those other things that I need to do.  I do not need a more hi tech (and more expensive) gadget for those things I do.  (Well, I'm still trying to convince myself. :) )

Maybe some kind soul would donate a gadget for this Tsinay?  Now that's what I call wishful thinking!