Friday, February 25, 2011

Balance of foods

When I stepped into puberty and started having some acne, my mom and the other elders blamed my diet. They claimed that the foods that cause the pimples are too "diet" or "heaty".

This stems from a belief in Traditional Chinese Medicine that you have to maintain a balance between "hot" and "cold" (or yin and yang) to maintain health. Having pimples means that I have too much "heat", according to this principle. So, the principe of how to remove pimples means that I have to eat foods that are less "heaty" and more "cool". That means less fried foods, less oily foods, less chocolates and other foods deemed to be "heaty".  More green vegetable and fruits are recommended.

It's different for women who just gave birth.  Since they lost a lot of blood during the birthing process, they are deemed to have lost a lot of heat and thus needs to consume more of the foods deemed heaty and avoid the cool foods.

It's actually quite interesting, and while there are no RCTs to support it, it's one of those things that do not really do any harm, in my opinion.