Saturday, February 19, 2011

Healthway Congress

Last Wednesday, I attended a congress by Healthway. It was a pretty productive day for me. Since I've specialized, I no longer update myself on the new trends in other specialties via formal lectures and congresses like these. It's also good because I found myself relating to these topics both as a doctor and as a patient (or parent of a patient). For example, the lectures on antihistamines and topical spray steroids had me think of my son's chronic allergic problem and made me think of putting him on a low dose maintenance therapy. The dermatologist went through the different approaches to acne treatment. Is there a role of vitamin b for acne? Does diet play a part too? What about stress? All these were tackled. Being somebody who was plagued by acne during my younger years, the lecture is quite an eye-opener for me.

For most of us doctors, the most fun lecture was the least medical.  Former beauty queen and now image consultant Abbygale Arenas showed us the basics of looking more professional and more trustworthy.  It can be summarized in these words:  smile, eye contact, handshake, attire, makeup.

I enjoyed myself.  I even found a new friend.  All in all, it was a morning well spent.  I even enjoyed breakfast and lunch, and there was even free shuttle.  There was only 1 glitch -- we were supposed to end at around 12:30pm.  We ended up at around 3pm.  Which meant that those of us who were supposed to be somewhere ended up late.

Oh well, there's always room for improvement. At least a good thing has been started.