Friday, February 4, 2011

Kiong Hee

We just had our Chinese New Year's Party and in addition to the usual family members, Cousin L also came with husband R and little S. It was very nice meeting her family for the first time! My family's getting "international", with L and her family based in Shanghai, Uncle W (who was able to come! Hurray!) and his family based mainly in Canada, cousin Z (who was not able to come this time) based in USA. The weather cooperated, and we got a lovely cool breeze instead of the usual humidity that Manila has. My grandmother chose to stay in the backyard instead of the main dining room as she enjoyed the weather.

My gadget-loving family, with their IPads, Galaxies, Sony VAIOs, and digital cameras, were somehow too excited to document the events.  I miss Uncle M, who is the photo enthusiast and has a new toy a DSLR (can't remember if it's Canon or Nikon though) and ends up as the official documenter of these family affairs.

The kids got their ang paos, we had good food, which, 2 days later, we're still enjoying (the leftovers, that is).

Kiong hee huat zai!  I hope the Year of the Rabbit will be a prosperous year for our family and for yours too!