Monday, February 21, 2011

My kid needs a little fattening

Since I go to a new clinic at Shang Mall, I now get the chance to look at the organic, natural products at Healthy Options. I was looking at the racks carrying vitamin supplements and weight loss products because I was looking for a way to boost my son's protein intake and maybe gain some weight.

Most of the elders in my family, especially my mom, have commented on E's "thin-ness".  Which puts a lot of pressure on me as his mom.  "Thin kid", as far as the elders are concerned, means that the mom is not doing enough.  Sigh!

It's also pretty difficult to get him to eat a lot, and eat fast.  Watching him eat "eats" up a huge chunk of the time for me.  Kinda reminds me of myself when I was a kid like him, so maybe it's karma working against me?  My mom seems to think so.  :)

Adding to my woes, he can't have cow's milk, which would have been an easier way for me for him to up his protein and his calories.

On his last pedia check up, his weight is average for his age, but he's on the upper curve as far as his height is concerned, which probably accounts for the fact that he looks really thin. I try to tell mom that his numbers are pretty good, but she turns the table and shows me that he really looks malnourished.  Double sigh.

So that brings me to Healthy Options and its health food racks.  However, I haven't found anything suitable.  I've started him on one egg a day, mixed into his breakfast oatmeal.  It seems to be working a bit.  I hope so.