Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Computer games

I think it's kinda ironic that my brothers and I were never really hooked on video games when we always had them when we were younger, despite the fact that it was the Martial Law era.

We "inherited" my uncle's Atari when he got tired of it. It was funny. The "tennis game" had these big pixels. A few pixels joined together was the "player" or racket and you were supposed to move the controls to block the large (square) pixel "ball". It's such a far cry from the PC Games that we have nowadays.

Since my parents go to Hong Kong often, we have a lot of those Nintendo game and watch. One unit is only 1 type of game. We had a lot of fun with them, but of course, if it's only 1 game, you eventually get tired of it.

We didn't go through the Family computer. But we did play some games on the old green monochrome desktop PC which was considered "hi-tech" at the time. My mother also bought a Nintendo Game Boy, probably one of the earliest versions, but we only played the Brick Game. Which was a pity, because later there were stand alone Brick game consoles which cost much less.

Now we really do not get to play those computer games anymore (except maybe for Solitaire :) ) which is just as well.  I didn't even buy a PSP for my son, and he hasn't gotten around to wanting one and asking for one.  I'd rather that he doesn't ask for a while yet. :)