Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My little girl is so vain!

My little girl is now into imitating what I do and wear. So kikay talaga! (She's so vain!) And to think she's not even 2 years old yet! She loves slipping her feet into my cloth slippers (or anybody's slippers for that matter). When I leave my shoulder bag lying around, she'll be sure to get it and tote it around like a little lady. And when a comb or brush just happens to be lying around, she'll actually get it to "fix" her hair!

Come to think of it, I did have a stage like that but I believe I was a bit older because I already have memories of getting my mother's high heeled shoes and wearing them when mom is not around! (Thank goodness I never suffered any accidents during that time or else I might have needed ankle braces -- stilletos in the seventies were about as high as the ones in fashion right now!) I also remember locking mom's door when she was away so that I can play with her makeup and perfumes. Mom would then smell me reeking of some designer perfume when she gets home!

Well, now that I'm an adult, I never wear stilettos, which is just as well as my daughter wouldn't be tempted to slip her tiny feet into them. I wear minimal makeup too. Well, maybe the stage will take a long time to wear off. Maybe one day I'll come home to find her smelling of perfume and lips looking just too red for comfort. :D