Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thinking of a summer getaway

Summer is almost here. The hubby and I want to have a vacation! Preferably just the four of us and maybe the yayas (or maybe not) so that we can really experience being on our own as a nuclear family. We've always lived with our families (with my in-laws for a very brief time and then later, with my folks) -- yes, Westerners would probably laugh at us but it's actually a practice that many Chinese families do. It has its own pros and cons, of course, and for now, the pros outweigh the cons, that's why we're still here, although we tell ourselves that this should not be a permanent thing.

Anyway, since we have a very small budget for the vacation that we want, we would probably not plan something as expensive or elaborate as one in the Outer Banks (although I hope I'd be able to afford that sometime in the future). We're thinking of something a little simpler, reachable by land, travel should not be too long and accommodations should be affordable.

We're really just after a getaway, something to take our minds off our routine, something to remember as a special bonding time with our kids.  We're thinking Tagaytay for now.  Hmmm....