Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pregnant looking still but not pregnant

I've been asked again if I am pregnant and I had to say NO, I'm not, I just haven't lost my post partum belly. Sigh. I know I need to do some exercises for my tummy. It's great that my weight is not really an issue because I quickly lost them after a few months (read up on adderall and weight loss but didn't really need it in the end).  What I need is to shape up so my tummy doesn't always look like another baby is on the way.

While on the subject of babies, Baby R may very well be our bunso. I'm turning 41 this year so the chances of me having another one is slim -- but not zero. Let's see. If I get another "blessing" I'd welcome it with all my heart, but if not, I'm happy with my boy and my girl. :)


petit a petit said...

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