Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hair talk

I don't know if my brothers will be getting male pattern baldness when they get older. There's a chance that they won't, because my dad didn't. Well, he did lose his hair when he had to undergo chemotherapy but when he switched meds, it grew back, even when he didn't use any hair loss product. But some of my uncles did experience receding hairlines, so I don't really know if the gene for that will pass down to my brothers. One of my brothers did have bouts of temporary hair loss due to stress. With the proper medication and with less stress, it got better.

But if you think about it, beyond the ribbing, society in general knows and believes that it's pretty normal and expected for some men to lose their hair at around a certain age.  Not so for women.  Hair is considered a woman's crowning glory and losing or thinning hair in a woman is a bigger issue for the woman rather than the man.

Good thing, I haven't seen my female relatives with hair loss issues so I would like to think that I'm safe from that. I hope so.