Friday, May 27, 2011

Hong Kong

I haven't been to Hong Kong in almost 7 years. The last time I went there was for my honeymoon. Before that, our family has been there quite often. It's not surprising, since my mother grew up there and I still have relatives there. My first trip was when I was still an infant, but of course I couldn't remember that. I still have my very first passport, it was signed by my father and the foreign minister was still Carlos Romulo (oops, revealing my age here).

The first trip that I actually remember was when I was 7, I think. I remember being amazed about a lot of things. Like the hotel and the car that brought us to it. The "do not disturb" and "make up room" door hangers. The MTR, double decker buses, tram, star ferry. Ocean Park. McDonald's (my first taste of Mcdo hamburger was in Hong Kong).

We've had several trips to Hong Kong after that trip, and I've enjoyed each and every trip.

The last trip I had there was with my new husband. Although it was a short 3 day 2 night stay, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and traveling with him. Since it was his first time there, I enjoyed showing him the places that I have enjoyed before.

We haven't been back since then. I'm hoping that we could bring our kids in a few years' time. It will be my first time to see Hong Kong Disneyland, so I'll be experiencing something new for the first time with my family. I can't wait for that day!