Thursday, May 19, 2011

Still under my mom's roof

Our little nuclear family of four is still living under my mother's roof. Sigh. I know many of you will think that the hubby and I shouldn't have gotten married and started a family when we couldn't afford our own place yet, but then there are different circumstances for everybody, and we decided on what seems to be the best course under the circumstances that we faced/are facing.

The hubby and I are both doctors and were in training up to our early thirties. That means that we were not making any significant income since we what we got as trainees are mere allowances. And even when we started our practice, we weren't earning enough to pay rent/mortgage on top of our other obligations.

We got married at the age of 34 -- my husband was still finishing up his fellowship training at that time.  It was  actually a borderline age for childbearing.  We HAD TO get married if we want to have legitimate kids without having too much risk in our pregnancies (well, hopefully). And we did get blessed immediately! About 10 months later, we had our little boy in our arms -- but he had some health issues. We couldn't leave him alone with just the nanny. What if we had to rush him to the hospital? So living with relatives was the best option at that time, and my mother's place was the best place to be, as it was nearest the hospitals and our work, meaning we could very well rush back if he needs us and we just happened to be away.  Not to mention that there is probably no one I trust more than my mom and mom-in-law when it comes to my children.

We had our second baby just a little under 2 years ago, and we had the same concerns -- where to leave her when we have to go out to work. So mom and her house -- still the best option.

Now my eldest is studying, but with the high cost of tuition AND the high cost of rent and mortgages, we're beginning to wonder when we could move out. For now, the education of our kids is our priority, and it supercedes our longing to have our own place.  If only we could just buy a small RV and park it near my mom's, we'd have some feel of being on our own. However, how to maintain an RV? We don't really have rv towing and repair services here -- at least none that I know of.

Maybe we should simply just take the leap of faith. Anyway, we've been in various financial dire straits before and we've always pulled through, especially with help from family. God is good and He has always provided.  We should just trust that we'll survive somehow.


taweng said...

I can very weLL reLAte wit paragraphs 3,4 and the last paragraph, too...
I got married in 2009;
I am stiLL in feLLOwship training;
And we don't have kids yet =(

But CertainLy, God is Good. He aLways provides and His timing is perfect. =)

Thank you for writing this piece.

JO said...

I believe that if there's a will, there's always a way! Good luck to both of you... hope you'd find a way to move out soon.