Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Caught in between

All these trouble regarding the Spratleys make me really really sad, because we Chinese Filipinos would be caught right smack in the center of the problem. It's like being torn between two lovers and being hard pressed to choose one.

It was probably easier when both China and the Philippines had a common enemy. My grandfather was already here in the Philippines during World War II. While I doubt that he ever held even bushnell rifle scopes during the war, he did his part. He was a trader, but at the time he already had a growing business. What he did was hide the men who were fighting the Japanese soldiers in his warehouses. He would never be remembered in history, since his role wasn't really that "dramatic", but I am proud of him for risking not only his business, but also his very life to fight for what he believed in.

Our situation now is very much different. We are of 100% Chinese parentage and we were born and live in the Philippines. To whom do we owe our allegiance? Pinoys would say that we should owe our allegiance to the Philippines, the land where we live, while mainlanders would say that we should owe our allegiance to the land of our ancestors. It really is much easier to say things when you are not in anothers' shoes.

I really hope that the Spratleys situation would improve soon so we wouldn't have to be caught in the crossfire.