Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Going abroad and starting all over

I just added another friend on facebook.  She's a former batchmate in Medical School who's now based in the United States and practicing OB/GYN. As far as I know, the surgical specialties are the more difficult to get into so I am very happy that she's now doing what many of us only dream of -- practice her medical career in the specialty of her choice in what is still considered as the Land Of Milk and Honey by most Asians, notwithstanding the country's current economic woes.

My brother said that sometimes it's all a matter of being willing to start from the lowest rung, which most people would not dream of doing. Maybe he's right. I feel though, that at the moment I not very willing to go through another round of examinations, but sometimes I envy those who actually had the guts to go and risk everything they have towards a future of uncertainty, but which ultimately turns out to be a good decision.

Maybe, one day, I'll decide to leave the Philippines and my depression over what seems to be permanent state of non-improvements here in order to improve our station in life. But I'm not really sure I can and want to start from the bottom of the Medicine Totem pole. I feel that I can no longer go through all those countless hours of "duty" in the hospitals. Well, we'll see, I might just change my mind. Or I might just look up another job. Who knows, maybe a real estate job with bentleyforbes is what we need to improve our lives.