Sunday, July 31, 2011


Back in the seventies, people who exchanged their pesos to dollars got a good deal, since the value of the dollar has multiplied several times already, when compared to the peso. However, this depends a lot on timing. In the late nineties, there was a sudden increase in the dollar rate as compared to the peso. I think the peak was at around 56 or 57 pesos to the dollar. It was even predicted that this could go higher.

My husband and I bought some at around the 53 peso mark, but since then the value has depreciated. Oh well. I guess "buying dollars" is a bit like gambling too. Come to think of it, any form of investment, whether stocks, bonds, mutual funds, "morgan dollars", foreign exchange, or even investing in a business or saving in a bank, involves risk.

There's also the option of not investing in anything and just keep your money at home.  But this also has risk -- inflation which would make the value of your money decrease over time and disasters like fires and floods.  I remember that after Typhoon Ondoy, I had to go through our drawer, find the money we kept there and carefully dry them one by one so as not to destroy them.

There is no perfect investment and no perfect place to park your money or make it grow. I guess we should just adopt a zen attitude towards the money that we choose to invest in certain instruments, hope for the best but expecting that the worst could happen anytime.