Saturday, July 9, 2011

On handwashing, step stools and kids

I am pretty proud that we have inculcated in my kids handwashing during the crucial times (before eating, after going to the toilet, after the hands get dirty, etc.). A lot of disease causing microbes are actually carried by the hands, so if we are not careful, we can easily get sick.

It was during handwashing that I realized how tall my son has grown. We bought a plastic stool for him to step on when he was smaller. He already knows that he should get it, position it in front of the sink and step on it while washing his hands. The plastic stool has since broken, but he no longer requires it, because he's now tall enough to be able to wash his hands without stepping on anything.  It's amazing how tall he already is.  (Mommy senti moment here.)

Now much as I like the chrome step stools with handlebars for my daughter, I don't see it here and it may be overkill if it's just to train a youngster to wash her hands.  (Still looks very nice and very safe though).  My husband was able to buy an aluminum foldable step stool for her, which is probably safer than our old plastic one.  Now my little two year old knows that she has to get this, position this in front of the sink and step on it to wash her hands.  Her hands don't quite reach the faucet though.  But she enjoys having her hands washed.  Pretty soon, she'll grow tall enough not to require the stool. Sigh...They grow up so fast.