Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yaya clothes

It's been a habit here in the Philippines that yayas (nannies) are dressed up in nurse uniforms. I'm not quite sure when the trend started but when I was little, the nannies, especially the ones who have babies and toddlers as wards, usually wear white uniforms like that of members of the medical profession. Now, the trend is towards scrub suits. Which makes it rather difficult to distinguish the real medical professionals from the children's caregivers.

It's usually a sore point between my mom and me, since I'd prefer not to have those uniforms with my children's nannies. Some people have their nannies wear uniforms to "mark" them as help, but there are others who just prefer the dress code because some nannies and/or househelp dress a bit inappropriately. For example, wearing short shorts to a wedding. Since they usually do not have much money for their wardrobes, I do see the point of providing clothes that would at least look decent.

For my part, though, I'd rather buy them a few pieces of decent clothing that don't look like uniforms at all.


Anonymous said...

We have a young live-in domestic worker girl. For ordinary days, she wears a red blouse with black pants, for weekends, when serving and other stuff, she wears a white blouse with a black skirt. For dirty work, she has to wear an apron. She also has to wear a nametag on her left blouse pocket. Hair to be pulled back in ponytail.

I know she doesn't like this, but I have told her she can't complain. I think it's very important that she shows a good behaviour.