Friday, August 19, 2011

My Little Kikay

Many people associate girls with shopping and being "kikay" (I'm not sure about the translation, but I guess the closest would be "vain"). I always thought I was of a different class because I don't really shop on a regular basis and I don't apply makeup all that often. It's only lately that I've started applying some mineral makeup because other people felt I do not look professional enough, but otherwise, I'd rather go bare-faced. Well, it does have the "bonus" of making me look much younger.

Which is why I'm a bit surprised that my little 2 year old daughter is. She really is a girl much more kikay than I am. She loves changing her footwear every so often. She loves brushing or combing her hair, even if her efforts are not very effective in putting order into her hair. And she loves it when people say that she's pretty. I mean, where does she get that? I'm not a good role model for "kikayness"

Or maybe each girl has an innate sense of vanity. I do remember putting on my mom's makeup and spraying my mom's perfume when she's away. My parents, however, did a good job of saying that makeup and perfumes don't suit me. (Too good, in fact, that I'm really not used to either.)

Oh well, there's really nothing wrong with being very aware and being meticulous about how you look. I sometimes hope that I am more conscious about it. Maybe my daughter will be a better groomed person than I am.