Monday, August 29, 2011

Why I don't want my kids to go into Medicine...unless they really really want to

For an indeterminate number of years, I have heard people telling me that being a good doctor is a great career choice. And I have always thought so. You are respected in the community. You actually fill a need -- healing patients. People look up to you. There's always a need for good doctors. And, the biggest misconception of all -- doctors are rich.

Well, I wish all the above stated reasons are all correct. But now I believe that the situation is no longer the same. People still respect doctors, but not at the same degree. Many people see doctors on a HMO basis and do not anymore care who sees them as long as they do not have to shell out cash for it. What they do not know is HMOs do not always pay properly and on time, that's why sometimes other doctors shun them if their private practice is already packed enough.

Healing patients will always be a thrill and a satisfaction booster, whether or not there is money involved. That's why I'm still here in this career and in this country. I'm sure you know of some good doctors who look for greener pastures, jumping at the chance to get Anesthesiologist Jobs, for example, in the United States and other Western countries where the pay is perceived to be higher.

Which brings me to the last point. Not all doctors are rich. Many doctors are rich because they have successful practices, but for every successful doctor, there are many other community doctors, moonlighters, company physicians and others whose income are probably equivalent or even less than a call center agent's salary.  My husband and I earn enough for our needs, some of our wants, we scrape enough to pay our son's tuition, and that's about it.  Hopefully by next year we can afford to have both kids in school without borrowing money.  And hopefully we can finally have a place we can call our own.

Thank goodness we love our jobs, notwithstanding.  Otherwise, we would have shifted careers already, seeing that it's actually less rewarding, financially and non-financially, than people give it credit for.


taweng said...

I agree, especiaLLy about the being rich part and Loving what we do...