Friday, November 25, 2011

On baths

My family is more into showers (or even the balde and tabo method LOL) rather than bathtubs. Maybe that's because we bathe often (1-3 times a day, depending on the weather) and more often than not, we are in a hurry. I can only remember maybe 3 or 4 occasions in my entire life that I actually used a bath tub.

I remember one time we went to this quaint, old fashioned hotel in Yellowstone Park, the Old Faithful Hotel beside the geyser called Old Faithful, which didn't have showers in their ensuite rooms (actually some rooms do not even have bathrooms). My mom didn't want us to take baths in the old fashioned clawfoot tub which looked much older than we are! She imagined that with all the people who have used the tub throughout its existence, we might just get unlucky and catch something. LOL. Good thing it was cold and snowy so nobody really felt like getting wet or taking a bath.

When I gave birth, my mother insisted that I practice ge-lai. It's the period one month from childbirth. Baths were prohibited, there are certain foods to be eaten and we're supposed to just stay in the room with no electric fans. I'm okay with the foods. I'm okay with not having electric fans (A/C's were permitted). But what made me miserable is not taking a bath for a month. I felt so unclean!

Nothing starts or ends the day better knowing you are clean and fresh from the bath.  I can NOT imagine the time when baths were considered luxuries and people get to bath once a month or even once a year!  Oh, that would be so horrid!