Wednesday, December 7, 2011


My husband has been wanting a new watch for quite a while, and while some of those citizen watches are not really that expensive, I feel hard pressed to buy him one, because we seem to have different tastes in watches. Also, we put almost all our money in our common family fund, so getting money to buy a gift from him seems like I'm partly spending his money to buy his gift.

That's probably why we don't really buy gifts for each other.  This is quite a deviation from the usual coz we actually bought gifts for ourselves.  :)  Nice feeling.

Thoughts of a pack rat

My husband and I were starting to look at the latest laptops a few months ago. That's because our old one is showing some problems, and we think we might be needing to change it soon. But, practicality set in and we just decided to go with our trusty 5 year old laptop after doing the necessary repairs.

That's how we usually are. We have a difficult time letting go of stuff.  Like our children's stuff, especially from the time they were babies.  And mementos of school.  And toys.  And magazines.  Yes, we're pack rats.

It's sometimes a good trait, but sometimes it's not so good to be holding on to things, especially if they are no longer usable and just adds to the clutter.  While it's good to be sentimental, holding on to things is no longer practical and sometimes you just have to let go.

Now to convince me and my husband to do just that.