Friday, March 23, 2012

The Graduate

My little boy just had a major milestone last week. He graduated from Kindergarten! I know that other people may think we're OA for being very happy about this, but we can't help it! We're parents after all, and every achievement is magnified in our eyes.

The culminating activity was held in the La Salle Chapel, where, coincidentally, the hubby and I got married more than 7 years ago. It seems fitting that when we next step into that chapel which holds so many memories for us, we were actually making a new memory. The worship furniture were removed for the time being, instead, the parents sat on regular chairs, each of which was marked with our names. Our little boy, together with his classmates marched in through the aisle and onto the stage. It was a touching ceremony. I couldn't help thinking that my little boy has grown up so fast. The segment where the little boys offered flowers to the parents was especially touching, especially for me and the husband.

By this coming June, E will be in grade one. Grade one. My goodness, sometimes I really can't believe how time flies. Happy graduation, my dearest boy.