Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The winners!

The winner of the Valentine's lootbox from Dainty Ashley is:  Maridel T. 

Runners up who will get a 5% off coupon from Dainty Ashley are Marlene R., Kathycot C., Ella D. and Rhodora R.

Congratulations!  Watch your email inbox, winners :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

The lucky winner of the special giveaway will be announced very very soon!

Happy Happy Lunar New Year to all!

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Red Giveaway

Red is the color of February.

That is because people associate this month with love and romance.  Valentine's Day is probably the day when red hearts and red roses dominate the scene and love fills the air.

For Tsinoys and Tsinays, another red letter day is the Chinese New Year.  For this year, it falls on February 10, 2013.  The dragon will breathe it's last fiery breath and stay quiet for another 12 years and the next animal in the cycle which will reign supreme is the snake.  Children get red packets of money called "ang pao" which is believed to bring luck to the youngster and to make him or her grow and develop well.

One lucky little girl will get a special "ang pao"!  She will get a loot box with following goodies from Dainty Ashley!  Just in time for a very special Valentine's Day for a special little girl!

Aphrodite duo headband - choice of hard headband or elastic band attachment 
personalized premium bow clip with name initial - sample of premium bows are on the attached pic but for the winner, it's a new, unique design. :)
1 pc Yui - Lollipop clip 

5 pcs of diff designs V day-themed Meg clips (the design will be my choice) 

 If the winner's recipient/wearer is 1 yr old and below, Aphrodite barefoot sandals
or a pair of Aphrodite clips if more than 1 yr old. 

Lovely, aren't they?  And unique too!  Each of these hair accessories are lovingly handmade by the fabulously creative Mommy Mai of adorable tot Ashley.  Her full story here.

4 runners-up will get coupons for a 5% discount on their first purchase from Dainty Ashley!

Enter now!  This rafflecopter contest runs from now until Chinese New Year (February 10, 2013).  Winner will be announced 24 hours after the raffle!  Valid only for Philippine addresses.

Mandatory entries:
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-Like Dainty Ashley on facebook.

The other entries are non-mandatory but can earn you more points!

Multiple entries allowed -- once per day for the duration of the contest.
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chinese movies!

When I was younger, Sundays usually meant a family trip to Chinatown, a movie at either King's Theater, East Cinema or Capitol Theater, watching a Chinese film with English subtitles while eating a package of cow label and drinking a glass of sugarcane juice.  And maybe snacks at New Ongpin Manosa.  Now, while we can still find cow label and sugarcane juice and Manosa branches have sprung up, the old theaters which used to show only Chinese films have ceased to operate.

Those films have helped me understand Chinese history and also helped me learn the Mandarin Language.  Watching Chinese movies is like a crash course in its culture and history.  Although my family observes Chinese traditions and beliefs, it is still somewhat modernized and the boundaries of what is culturally Chinese and what is not is somehow blurred.

The theaters were long gone.  In most households, these were replaced by movies on, initially Betamax, then VHS, laser discs, then finally DVDs.  I do believe that the latest Chinese film I've watched on the big screen was Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and that was already back in year 2000.

I finally got the chance to watch a Chinese movie, Piano in a Factory, at Shangri-La Plaza.  For FREE!  And YOU can do so too!  Click here for the schedule of the film screenings. 

From the press kit:

Shangri-La Plaza presents the Spring Film Festival at the Shang Cineplex, in partnership with the Ateneo de Manila University’s Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies, Ateneo Celadon, and the Confucius Institute at the Ateneo de Manila University and Credit Suisse. 
Now on its seventh year, the Spring Film Festival aims to promote Chinese culture in mainstream Filipino society, particularly to the younger generation. There will be six featured films for this year’s roster. 

2 Become 1 opens the film fest on February 1. Here, advertising executive Bingo Leung finds new meaning in her once carefree life after discovering a lump in her breast and begins a close relationship with Doctor V and teenage friend, Sing. 

What I was able to watch so far was Piano in a Factory, a multi-awarded family drama on a father’s struggle in going through divorce and fighting for custody of his daughter, while trying to pursue his passion in the low-paying music industry.

Storm Warriors, special effects-laden, Hong Kong fantasy action film that chronicles the war between Lord Nameless and his battle against his nemesis Lord Godless, who imprisoned his soldiers, raided and took over his land. Award-winning film Jasmine Women, starring Zhang Ziyi and directed by Hou Young. The film tells the story of a family’s struggle to overcome its tragic history, as each daughter repeats the mistakes of her mother.

Space Dream, follows the story of Zhang Tiancong, a veteran member of the first generation of Chinese astronauts, who—despite now being in his 40s—has never been given a space mission yet. Golden Times, a touching story about teacher Fang and police officer Sun Dayang, who put up “Home for the Left-Behind children”, to care for those whose parents have migrated to find work in the cities.  
All the screenings are free admission and seats are on a first come-first served basis.

Simultaneous with the film fest is the launch of Chinese Painting in the Philippines, a 180-page art book featuring the works of notable Chinese-Filipino artists. The compilation celebrates the past and present generations of painters who have passionately devoted themselves to enrich the practice of Chinese painting in the Philippines.
Finally, happening at the same time at the Grand Atrium is the 2013 Spring Festival Chinese Painting Exhibit, which aims to promote Filipino-made Chinese paintings and encourage the emergence of new talents that will continue the rich legacy of the ancient art in the country. Meanwhile, the On the Wings of Culture Chinese Photo Exhibit at the Shang’s 4th level, features images and scenes that depict the new wave of cultural reform now taking place in China.

For inquiries, contact 633-7851 loc.113 or log on to Add Shangri-La Plaza on Facebook: shangrilaplazaofficialfanpage.
Click here for the schedule of the film screenings.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Graduate

My little boy just had a major milestone last week. He graduated from Kindergarten! I know that other people may think we're OA for being very happy about this, but we can't help it! We're parents after all, and every achievement is magnified in our eyes.

The culminating activity was held in the La Salle Chapel, where, coincidentally, the hubby and I got married more than 7 years ago. It seems fitting that when we next step into that chapel which holds so many memories for us, we were actually making a new memory. The worship furniture were removed for the time being, instead, the parents sat on regular chairs, each of which was marked with our names. Our little boy, together with his classmates marched in through the aisle and onto the stage. It was a touching ceremony. I couldn't help thinking that my little boy has grown up so fast. The segment where the little boys offered flowers to the parents was especially touching, especially for me and the husband.

By this coming June, E will be in grade one. Grade one. My goodness, sometimes I really can't believe how time flies. Happy graduation, my dearest boy.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What summer lessons?

I'm quite at a loss on what to enroll my kid in this summer. His grades are fine. I do not really like him to undergo more academics during the summer vacation, as I believe this should be his break from them. As with most kids his age, his interests vary widely and shifts around quite a lot too. I remember when he showed an interest in banging things, my mom bought him one of those toy electronic drum sets which held his interest for only a short while. I'm thinking more of sports. Something with a team like basketball or football as he is still quite shy and doesn't really interact well with other people. A team sport would "force" him to cooperate with his peers hopefully. Hopefully, he cannot make a choice between basketball or football. Should I just choose and simply force him to go through it? Hmmmm

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My brother the music fan

My brother is a big music fan. I do enjoy music, but not to the level of my brother. He stores music in his phone and plays it whenever he can. He collects guitars, buying some he fancies and selling some of them when needed. He actually has Fender Amps in his room. When he tells me that he got a good deal for some music gadget, I guess my eyes glaze over a bit because I really don't understand them, I do not know what is supposed to be a good price for them and what's a good quality for them. He talks about certain bands that I do not know of. I do like the song selections he plays whenever I ride in the car with him, but then I'm not that particular, as long as it sounds nice I'm ok.  To each his own, I guess :).

Condo that's near or house that's far

The problem with being here in Metro Manila is the sense that it's becoming very crowded that it's really not easy finding an ideal family house with the proverbial picket fences, lawn with flowering plants and wind spinners unless you have a lot of money to burn. Which most people don't. That's why we settle for condominiums. Admittedly, the newly developed condominium projects are like selff contained cities, with gardens, walkways, playgrounds and swimming pools, but the living space is actually quite small. Or some people still to find houses BUT far away from the city, but endure the bad traffic everyday to go to school and to work.   What would YOU choose?